How young is too young for ‘Star Wars’?

After I have sat through ‘Stick Man’ eighteen times, my daughter Precious Child Khaleesi Gollum, who is 4.5 years old, has finally agreed to watch ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’, which I have downloaded at vast expense despite having owned it on almost every media that has existed since 1978. Incredibly, I’d forgotten a number […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 3

THE PSYCHOMETRIC MAN Robert Blair ate lunch and watched the interview on a large screen. The interview, which was taking place in the next room, had reached one of its preordained crisis points. “But will I get the pay rise?” The young woman, whose name for today was Sally, leaned forward. Her expression of barely […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 1

It was the mid 1990s. We were, you may be surprised to learn or depressed to recall, emerging from the last recession, it too caused by hard-to-credit greed and stupidity. I was working as an actor. Yes, working although this particular job felt morally equivocal. It involved playing the part of a disgruntled, rather pretentious […]