Interview with F.D. Lee @ BSFA

I interviewed F.D. Lee for the BSFA in November, and we covered subjects like how to write time travel fiction properly, climate change science fiction and fact, useful fantasy tropes and how to successfully commercialise your genre fiction. Click here to watch!  

Audiobook narration

I’m an experienced performer and narrator, having worked in theatre, comedy and radio for many years. As a writer myself, I understand the rhythms and cadences necessary to bring your work to life, and have access to a professional studio that will ensure your production meets Audible’s rigorous quality control standards. To get an idea […]

Virtual Futures SF mini-movies!

I’ve posted previously about my short Virtual Futures pieces, and included films shot on phones. However, the following links will take you to the same London performances shot with hi-def cameras and sound recording. The performances were part of a series of events exploring the ways technology is influencing society, and included subjects like AI, […]

Edge of the Universe – Where Science Fiction Can Take You

Distilled from a panel at Hillingdon Literary Festival at Brunel University on Saturday 5 October 2019, devised and moderated by F.D. Lee. Left to right below: F.D. Lee, Andrew Wallace, Kirsten Irving & Suzie Gray Science fiction has always embraced the edge; that liminal creative space where established forms break down and new meanings and […]

Review of ‘In the Slip’ by FD Lee

The first science fiction novel from best-selling fantasy author FD Lee effortlessly blends the DNA of time travel and cyberpunk to create a twisty and original beast of a thriller. At its heart is the question of whether you should go back in time to right some terrible wrong and thus prevent your contemporary world […]