Review of ‘In the Slip’ by FD Lee

The first science fiction novel from best-selling fantasy author FD Lee effortlessly blends the DNA of time travel and cyberpunk to create a twisty and original beast of a thriller. At its heart is the question of whether you should go back in time to right some terrible wrong and thus prevent your contemporary world […]

Lit Fic v Sci Fic – Panel this Saturday!

At 10.05am on Saturday 8 June at the BSFA free one-day SF Convention I’ll be on a panel with Stephen Oram and Donna Bond discussing literary vs science fiction and if there really needs to be a vs in there at all. Event kicks off at 10am Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, SW7. See you […]

Burn Your Phone

  Watch Burn Your Phone Nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award   If they are all as good as Andrew Wallace, we are in for a treat. His short play Burn Your Phone was about a telephone operator working a long shift at the Hastings Exchange. We eavesdropped on Andy’s headphones as he handled the […]

Review of ‘Semiosis’ by Sue Burke

Inspired new colony story, in which three species try to find a practical, ethical equilibrium over generations on a beautifully-rendered alien planet called Pax, whose otherness is depicted with clever hints and subtle imagery. Gravity exerts more force, for example, so children are smaller and stronger, while their parents’ flesh droops with age like melted […]