I will write more about the experience soon, but I wanted to share the recordings of the show, which premiered on 17 April at Reclamation, the 2022 EasterCon in London.

Deviant Database is a solo theatre show I wrote and performed based on previous pieces written for Virtual Futures, and also a near-future nightmare anthology to be published by NewCon Press. It lasts about 45 minutes and consists of five separate stories. You can watch them on my YouTube Channel, and the links are below.

1 – The Gene Auction: equality can be dangerous in the new genetic aristocracy

2 – The Minus-Four Sequence: is the A.I. talking a man off a ledge just a voice in his head?

3 – Frame Swingers: outrage at a party where people swap bodies instead of partners!

4 – The Needles Come at Night: a deeply disturbed and disturbing prisoner speaks his mind…

5 – The Locksmith: how to live a billion years in a single moment

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