This is where I talk about science fiction, fantasy and the creative process. The site is called Life In Sci-Fi because my relationship with reality has never been close.

My newsletter is a mini-mag full of insights and recommendations you won’t get anywhere else, and when you sign up here you get a FREE NOVEL – awesome SF thriller The Outer Spheres [‘Grips you like a crazy lover and doesn’t let go’].

I love performing my work, and have done so at Virtual Futuresthe British Science Fiction Association, the BioFutures Festival in Vienna, and Ytterbium EasterCon. My solo show Deviant Database is made up of five Black Mirror-style near-future nightmares, and premiered at Reclamation EasterCon in the Main Room. A book anthology based on the show, also called Deviant Database, is being published by NewCon Press.

I narrate and produce audiobooks at a very competitive price. If you’d like a quotation, please get in touch. I’m also on Twitter @AndrewWallaceDR and have a Facebook page called Andrew Wallace Books.

Previously, I was a scriptwriter, and productions include Byron and The Scissors Angel on stage; Wonderworld and Look Away Now for radio & Burn Your Phone on TV. I also wrote for The Bill and Space Island One. Film commissions include a feature length script of acclaimed short The Cutter and an adaptation of the novel As Good As It Gets. My comedy shows The Free Three & Seething is Believing premiered at the Edinburgh Festival, and I also ran a London night called Comedy Rocket.

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