This is where I talk about science fiction, fantasy and the creative process. The site is called Life In Sci-Fi because my relationship with reality has never been close.

My newsletter is a mini-mag full of SFF recommendations, reviews and articles you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up and get a FREE NOVEL – the far-future science fiction thriller The Outer Spheres (‘Grips you like a crazy lover and doesn’t let go’). To subscribe, click here.

My new novel is Celebrity Werewolf, published by NewCon Press. The audiobook can be got here.

I also wrote the Diamond Roads books Sons of the Crystal Mind & The Outer Spheres. The next novel in the sequence, Beautiful Gun, launches later in 2020.

I write for magazines like Vector, Horizons, We Are the Mutants & The Shadow Booth. I love performing my work, and have done so at Virtual Futuresthe British Science Fiction Association, and Ytterbium EasterCon

I narrate and produce audiobooks at a very competitive price. If you’d like a quotation, please get in touch via the contact tab above.

Previously, I was a scriptwriter, and productions include Byron and The Scissors Angel on stage; Wonderworld and Look Away Now for radio & Burn Your Phone on TV. Film commissions include a feature length script of acclaimed short The Cutter and an adaptation of the novel As Good As It Gets

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