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Celebrity Werewolf was a real joy to read and much like Gig himself, suave, sophisticated, erudite and charming – BookLore

Madcap, zippy, and sex-saturated, yet full of surprisingly thoughtful bits… This may be the best werewolf-themed beach reading material you’re ever going to find  –  Myriad Books, reviewing on Library Thing

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In Book Two of Diamond Roads Charity Freestone has it all: the love of a good man, the revelation of her remarkable identity and her family reunited after their spectacular battle with the Sons of the Crystal Mind. However, at her moment of triumph Charity is tricked into joining the mysterious New Form Enterprise, whose harsh regime seems designed to break her. Before she can learn their strange purpose, a shocking betrayal brings unique and terrifying freedom. Cut off from its advanced technology, Charity is hunted through war-torn, subterranean Diamond City by an enemy who is always closer than she thinks. As she struggles to make sense of her inhumanly ruthless pursuers, Charity must confront her own complicity in the nightmare that engulfs her. And when she does, she discovers there are far worse places than the dreaded Outer Spheres.

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Andrew Wallace shows a real talent for world-building in this well-written, fast-paced novel. From the first page Diamond Roads is packed with sci-fi smarts. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author  Anne Charnock, winner of the 2018 Clarke Award for Dreams Before the Start of Time and the BSFA Best Novella Award for The Enclave

Fast-paced, clever and beautifully-written, Diamond Roads is a richly-imagined dystopian thriller that introduces the latest in a long line of cool, kick-ass SF heroines. Charity Freestone combines the strength of Ripley with the wiles of Katniss and the vulnerability of Halo Jones. If you liked Wool, you’ll love this  Mark Edwards, bestselling author of The Magpies & Follow You Home

I loved this smart, continually surprising thriller set in a richly drawn world  Simon Guerrier, author of Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop, Primeval: Fire & Water & Being Human: The Road

Diamond Roads cover designs by Bonnita Moaby