Review of ‘After Atlas’ by Emma Newman

  Emma Newman is one of our most consistently intriguing, original and compelling storytellers. Able to switch from Regency fantasy (the Split Words novels) and Hugo Award-winning genre comedy (the Tea & Jeopardy podcast) to the otherworldly beauty of her first SF novel ‘Planetfall’; she now turns detective in a book I didn’t expect, which […]

Review of ‘Blackwing’ by Ed McDonald

The deft poetry of this striking and very readable debut fantasy novel is no less affecting for its simplicity. A trio of agents lead a gang of disposable mercenaries across an uncanny wasteland called The Misery in pursuit of two heretics. The agents are led by former nobleman Galharrow, whose disgrace in a battle between […]

Some dragons, today

My little daughter drew some dragons today and we were tasked with colouring them in. She drew and coloured in the first one, which is a water dragon: Aunty Em coloured in a fire dragon: Mummy’s is an air dragon: Mine is an earth dragon: