Review of Go by Jessica Bell

In the spirit of this remarkably honest book I must admit I don’t read many memoirs, either because of the way they’re written or because of the form. I have no such reservations about ‘Go’. It is car-crash compelling, if I can say so as a compliment. Fittingly, such paradoxes abound in the book and […]

Review of Threading the Labyrinth by Tiffani Angus

There are many labyrinths in this beguiling and original fantasy novel, from the elaborate, confusing collection of gardens around a country mansion in Hertfordshire to the insane complexities of the English class system. Time itself is a maze, with narratives set at different periods nestling like Russian dolls, while characters and images reflect each other, […]

The Outer Spheres new cover!

Here is the sexy new cover for The Outer Spheres! The original lips design has not been retired – it is the brand logo for AC Experiments now. However, this cover says hard science fiction a bit more loudly. To recap, this is Book Two of Diamond Roads – The Empire Strikes Back one, if […]

Review of Comet Weather by Liz Williams

This original, gripping novel embodies a profound understanding of the magical nuances of English folklore as it percolates through contemporary life. Modern miracles such as instantaneous digital communication exist comfortably alongside the uncanny incursions of historical figures, landscapes whose geography changes without warning, and the Behenian stars, which manifest as eerily beautiful young women with […]

Imelda & the Horned Owl

This week marks the official launch of Imelda & the Horned Owl, a fantasy adventure novel for 7-12 year olds I wrote with my eight-year-old daughter, Lana. You can get it here: need reviews to reach more readers, so if you could leave a line or two on Amazon it would help enormously. xx Here’s […]