Review of ‘Europe at Dawn’ by Dave Hutchinson

Unlike most clever dick SF ‘comedy’, this book is actually funny, because the author understands all too well that humour comes from humanity (clue in the name there) as well as wit. Thus, the painful travails of Alice as she negotiates life in the newly independent Scotland’s Estonian embassy while trying to find a decent […]

Review of ‘Halcyon’ by Rio Youers

Deft and unapologetically populist novel about a traumatised girl who can see the future and a cult leader who wants to exploit her, Halcyon has the feel of mid-career Stephen King. It’s more supernatural thriller than SF, although the antagonist and her tormentors are straight out of the Crash handbook as they engineer atrocities to reach an […]

Review of ‘Revenant Gun’ by Yoon Ha Lee

As we learned from the Millennium Bug, a single digit can cause potential havoc with a complex, number-based system. Yoon Ha Lee brilliantly extrapolates this contemporary reality in science-fictional terms by depicting a densely hierarchical civilisation that spans thousands of star systems, all in thrall to ‘the calendar’, an agreed system of ethical, scientific and […]

‘Celebrity Werewolf’ launch details

My new novel Celebrity Werewolf launches at 5pm on Friday 19 April in the Tereshkova Room at Ytterbium EasterCon. Ytterbium is the 70th element, and this is the 70th EasterCon, hence the name. The launch is one of several by my publisher, NewCon Press, headed by the ever-inventive Ian Whates. Here are the other books coming […]