Review of ‘In the Slip’ by FD Lee

The first science fiction novel from best-selling fantasy author FD Lee effortlessly blends the DNA of time travel and cyberpunk to create a twisty and original beast of a thriller. At its heart is the question of whether you should go back in time to right some terrible wrong and thus prevent your contemporary world […]

Lit Fic v Sci Fic – Panel this Saturday!

At 10.05am on Saturday 8 June at the BSFA free one-day SF Convention I’ll be on a panel with Stephen Oram and Donna Bond discussing literary vs science fiction and if there really needs to be a vs in there at all. Event kicks off at 10am Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, SW7. See you […]

Burn Your Phone

  Watch Burn Your Phone Nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award   If they are all as good as Andrew Wallace, we are in for a treat. His short play Burn Your Phone was about a telephone operator working a long shift at the Hastings Exchange. We eavesdropped on Andy’s headphones as he handled the […]