Space Gravy – Hitchhiker’s meets Bond in a Galactic Great Escape!

She has saved him countless times, but when the tables are turned he must choose – save her or save the galaxy!
When his murderous ex-girlfriend Geth is promoted above him, hopeless spy Tason Wells escapes with the departmental budget and his best friend Lenx, an AI in human form. With Geth and her band of psychotic alien soldiers in hot pursuit, Tason and Lenx run from star to star through the halo teleport system.
But when the unthinkable happens, Tason and Lenx are stranded twenty-thousand light years apart – with Lenx adrift in space and headed for the sun. As civilisation crumbles around him, Tason must brave the terrors of the feared Galactic Intelligence Agency in the faint hope it has the resources help him reach Lenx before it’s too late.
The Agency has problems of its own however – not least of which is that almost all their agents have mysteriously vanished. Only cooler-than-space agent Kelly Random, gangster-voiced AI Barry and gravity monster Basil Shmorgas remain. Will they be enough to help Tason discover the terrifying truth behind the chaos engulfing the galaxy in time to save Lenx – or will Tason suffer any one of a series of bizarre deaths conjured by a universe gone mad?

The novel is FREE on Amazon from Fri 27 Nov to Sat 28 Nov 2020 – get your eBook copy here: In return, it would help enormously if you could write a line or two of review. Many thanks!

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