Praise for Diamond Roads

***** Makes you miss your stop *****  A bold and disturbing love story *****  Vivid and original *****  Fascinating and essential ***** Mind blowing stuff! ***** An exciting and original world Fast-paced, clever and beautifully-written, the first ‘Diamond Roads’ book ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’ is a richly-imagined dystopian thriller that introduces the latest in a long line of cool, […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 5

Adapting ‘As Good As It Gets’ and hearing Charity’s unceasing voice in my head gave me the idea of writing ‘Diamond Roads’ as a novel so, over six months, I did. It was hugely exciting. Every day I would look forward to finding out what each character did. The evolution of the story came to […]

Fear and wonder in the 24th century…

Lifelong science fiction fan Andrew Wallace has combined storytelling skills honed over years of scriptwriting for the BBC and feature films with a hunger for all things thrilling to create a unique and compelling future world in his novel ‘Diamond Roads’. It’s the story of resourceful young Charity Freestone, her family, friends and enemies as […]