Praise for Diamond Roads

***** Makes you miss your stop *****  A bold and disturbing love story *****  Vivid and original *****  Fascinating and essential ***** Mind blowing stuff! ***** An exciting and original world

Fast-paced, clever and beautifully-written, the first ‘Diamond Roads’ book ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’ is a richly-imagined dystopian thriller that introduces the latest in a long line of cool, kick-ass SF heroines. Charity Freestone combines the strength of Ripley with the wiles of Katniss and the vulnerability of Halo Jones. If you liked ‘Wool’, you’ll love this.

Mark Edwards, bestselling author of ‘The Magpies’ & ‘Follow You Home’

Andrew Wallace shows a real talent for world building in this well-written, fast-paced debut novel. From the first page, ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’ (‘Diamond Roads’ Book 1) is packed with sci-fi smarts. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

Anne Charnock, author of ‘Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind’ (Guardian SF Books of the Year 2016) and ‘A Calculated Life’ (nominated for the Philip K Dick Award)

I loved this smart, continually surprising thriller set in a richly drawn world

Simon Guerrier, author of ‘Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop’, ‘Primeval: Fire & Water’ & ‘Being Human: The Road’

Psst! Click here for a free PDF copy of Book 1

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