Review of ‘Age of Assassins’ by RJ Barker

‘Age of Assassins’ is a cleverly-rendered fantasy that subtly blends genres to create a unique voice and world. Ostensibly epic, it actually takes place in a single castle, and deals with matters of state, so is technically high fantasy as well, although the protagonist narrator, Girton, is a low-born assassin so enigmatic even he doesn’t […]

Black Friday and the flesh-eating elephant in the room

Originally posted on George Sandison:
Sometimes you encounter unlikely bedfellows at exactly the right time. This happened to me with Yeon Yeon’s Train to Busan (2016), Wolfgang Streeck’s collected essays, How Will Capitalism End? (2017) and Black Friday. They sit together so well it’s frightening. First, a quick precis of Streeck’s hypotheses: We’re screwed. A slightly longer one is…