Audiobook narration


I’m an experienced performer and narrator, having worked in theatre, comedy and radio for many years. As a writer myself, I understand the rhythms and cadences necessary to bring your work to life, and have access to a professional studio that will ensure your production meets Audible’s rigorous quality control standards.

To get an idea of my work, have a listen to the free sample of the audiobook of my novel Celebrity Werewolf or click below for my voiceover showreel.


To get another context of my work, click here to see three short performances in London for the acclaimed Virtual Futures series. My own writing focusses on science fiction and fantasy, but I am happy to explore all genres.

It’s hard to give an exact idea of price, because every project is different. However, as a general guide, it takes about ten minutes to narrate 1,000 words. As it costs £130 per hour, that’s £130 per 6,000 words. A 60,000 word book would therefore cost £1,300 to narrate, edit and produce.

The hourly cost is broken down as follows:

£40 per hour studio hire

£40 per hour editing

£50 per hour narration (includes reading, rehearsal & performance)

Terms are 50% of total cost on placement of order (based on the calculations above) and the remainder on completion of editing with adjustments made then. You have my assurance that I will minimise costs where I can.

You will need to set up an account with Audible, and on receipt of final payment I will send you the files suitable for upload.

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