New Ashel 5 art from ‘The Outer Spheres’

I think and write in a visual way because:

  1. I was a screenwriter and one needs to, especially when physical directions are minimal and the characters are lying
  2. It’s useful when clarifying projects, whether they are creative or not – in fact especially if they’re not
  3. I cannot draw and openly envy anyone who can

One of the many great things about writing genre stories is seeing artists’ interpretations of invented worlds and their people. Here, then, is a line drawing by Rowena Candy of one of my favourite ‘Diamond Roads’ characters: Ashel 5:

Ashel 5

Ashel 5 starts off as an antagonist in ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’. She’s only in one chapter, but burned off the page with such power I had to have her back in ‘The Outer Spheres’. Not as complex as the main ‘Diamond Roads’ protagonist Charity Freestone, Ashel 5 is what you’d get if you crossed Wonder Woman (minus the lasso and positive outlook) and Wolverine (minus the claws). Note the lack of a navel; if you don’t yet know the reason for this curious physical quirk, sign up for my newsletter and have a read for free of ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’.

Ashel 5 is the protagonist of the third ‘Diamond Roads’ novel ‘Beautiful Gun, due out at the end of this year.


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