Diamond Roads – Original Heroines

My aspiration for ‘Diamond Roads’ was this: Helen Fielding and Syliva Plath join forces to write a science fiction thriller about Lara Croft What do you think? In the meantime, here are some pictures of these three great women looking suitably like Charity Freestone:

Review of ‘Live & Let Die’ (1973 movie)

Yes, yes I know it’s not a new release – I was three when it came out. But it was Roger Moore’s first outing as James Bond and now Sir Roger has died I find myself drawn to this movie more than his others, even ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, my default favourite of his […]

New Outer Spheres artwork by Rowena Candy

In ‘The Outer Spheres’, Charity Freestone is aided by characters who were previously antagonists. One is a special forces operative called 23, who becomes Charity’s heavily armed fairy godmother. The protean 23 is never encountered in person; Charity doesn’t even find out what she looks like. Instead, 23 appears as a giant cannon, a warship […]