The Future of SF Fandom

  At the BSFA on 23 June 2018, Donna Bond moderated a panel including me, FD Lee, Allen Stroud & Graham Sleight about the future of fandom. Are Amazon and Netflix a good thing or a problem? Why do we cling to old intellectual properties instead of supporting new ones? Will technology help or hinder […]

Wednesday Book Review: ‘Auto Rewind’ by Jason Arnopp

Wound right up The horror underlying much of Jason Arnopp’s fiction often feels rooted in remorse. Invariably, his miserable, thwarted but very identifiable characters have made some dreadful decision and are awaiting the dire consequences. It’s that hinterland between realisation and outcome that gives the narratives their particularly febrile atmosphere, a bit like the moment […]

Death Mettle

JASON ARNOPP INTERVIEWED BY SCOTT K ANDREWS AT BSFA ON 26.10.16 Although Jason Arnopp is best known for his horror fiction, particularly his hugely successful debut novel ‘The Last Days of Jack Sparks’, there is a meta-fictional element to his work that eases it into science fiction. This interview was a perfect case in point. […]

Secretive Science

Simon Guerrier interviewed by Edward James at the BSFA: 23.09.15 Simon Guerrier is a truly prolific contemporary genre writer. He has written over fifty audio shows for Big Finish, a company that produces quality audio productions of stories based on much loved shows like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and Sapphire & Steel. He has also […]