Praise for Diamond Roads

***** Makes you miss your stop *****  A bold and disturbing love story *****  Vivid and original *****  Fascinating and essential ***** Mind blowing stuff! ***** An exciting and original world Fast-paced, clever and beautifully-written, the first ‘Diamond Roads’ book ‘Sons of the Crystal Mind’ is a richly-imagined dystopian thriller that introduces the latest in a long line of cool, […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 7

The recording of ‘Wonderworld’ from journal entry Studio 6, BBC Maida Vale studios 14.00 to 18.30 8 February 2007. It was the Very Snowy Day that people had been treating like the approaching apocalypse all week. I put on my trainers instead of my boots, which later transpired to be a mistake and then had […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 6

I wrote other spec scripts and sent those off to production companies and the BBC but no one was interested. I thought about evolving a novel out of one of them, a non-science fiction story set in a boys’ school, but the story was incredibly dark and I had become wary about wasting yet more […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 5

Adapting ‘As Good As It Gets’ and hearing Charity’s unceasing voice in my head gave me the idea of writing ‘Diamond Roads’ as a novel so, over six months, I did. It was hugely exciting. Every day I would look forward to finding out what each character did. The evolution of the story came to […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 4

I’d wanted to write a piece of TV science fiction for some time. I thought about ‘The Psychometric Man’ but I couldn’t call it that. In the meantime, ‘Engines of Creation’ by K Eric Drexler, a book that posited the idea of nanotechnology, had gradually been popularised since its publication in 1986. I started to […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 2

Shortly after my last gig as Robert Blair, WH Smiths ran a science-fiction short story competition to win a bit of computer kit. I can’t remember what the kit was and I certainly didn’t want it but I did want to win the competition. I have been writing since the age of 14. I date […]