The Gentleman Geek Unbound

Den Patrick interviewed by Gillian Redfearn at the BSFA, 22 April ’15 Den Patrick has written the comedic ‘War Fighting Manuals’, the ‘Erebus’ fantasy novel trilogy and maintains a popular blog. One of the best-known entries in the latter is ‘The Gentleman Geek’, which details ten dos and don’ts of the geek about town. It’s good […]

What we talk about when we talk about time travel

Scott K Andrews interviewed by Jason Arnopp at the British Science Fiction Association Meeting, 25 February 2015 The workings of time travel are impossible to show without telling, asserts Scott K Andrews, author of the young adult time travel trilogy ‘TimeBomb’, so in the first of the books he avoids this conundrum by deliberately not explaining […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 2

Shortly after my last gig as Robert Blair, WH Smiths ran a science-fiction short story competition to win a bit of computer kit. I can’t remember what the kit was and I certainly didn’t want it but I did want to win the competition. I have been writing since the age of 14. I date […]

Fear and wonder in the 24th century…

Lifelong science fiction fan Andrew Wallace has combined storytelling skills honed over years of scriptwriting for the BBC and feature films with a hunger for all things thrilling to create a unique and compelling future world in his novel ‘Diamond Roads’. It’s the story of resourceful young Charity Freestone, her family, friends and enemies as […]