Best of British SF 2019



I’ve been a fan of these anthologies for years – here is my review of the 2016 volume, also edited by Donna Scott.

I was therefore delighted when my short story The Minus-Four Sequence was accepted for the 2019 collection. Here’s the table of contents:

2019: An Introduction – Donna Scott
The Anxiety Gene – Rhiannon Grist
The Land of Grunts and Squeaks – Chris Beckett
For Your Own Good – Ian Whates
Neom – Lavie Tidhar
Once You Start – Mike Morgan
For the Wicked, Only Weeds Will Grow – G. V. Anderson
Fat Man in the Bardo – Ken MacLeod
Cyberstar – Val Nolan
The Little People – Una McCormack
The Loimaa Protocol – Robert Bagnall
The Adaptation Point – Kate Macdonald
The Final Ascent – Ian Creasey
A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io – Dafydd McKimm
Snapshots – Leo X. Robertson
Witch of the Weave – Henry Szabranski
Parasite Art – David Tallerman
Galena – Liam Hogan
Ab Initio – Susan Boulton
Ghosts – Emma Levin
Concerning the Deprivation of Sleep – Tim Major
Every Little Star – Fiona Moore
The Minus-Four Sequence – Andrew Wallace


You can buy the book here.

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