Review of Wonderland by Juno Dawson


17-year old Alice’s quest to find her lost paramour Bunny is a twisty head trip down the class and gender rabbit hole. Driven by personal demons and seduced by beautiful psychopaths, transgender Alice must negotiate the beguiling social horrors of an exclusive party called Wonderland. The novel explores the glamour used by the rich to exert and maintain control as a correlative for the psychological torment Alice endures as she comes to terms with her yearned-for true self.

At a time when gender rights are under attack with ever-increasing intensity, the book works best as an honest portrait of trans life in the early 21st century. Skewering ignorance and assumption, (‘Which toilet do you use?’ What about the Olympics?’) Alice is a witty narrator, both knowing and innocent. Her interrogation of verbal cliche works less well, but this is still a compelling and timely read, like The Secret History on meth.

Buy Wonderland here

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