Frame Swingers at Virtual Futures


One of the things I love about the modern age – and despite the political vileness, there is much – is writing a title like that and imagining how chuffed my younger self would be looking at it, while having no clue as to what it meant.

In fact it’s the third and final of my short science fiction performances for Virtual Futures at their Near-Future Fiction event on Tuesday 9 April in Shoreditch, London.

The full details are here but in summary the event, which is called Boundless Bodies, explores how our physical form and our relationship with it will change in the future.

My piece is called Frame Swingers and imagines what will happen when we swap bodies – or ‘frames’ – instead of partners at a party, and how things can go just a teensy bit wrong…

The event also features other writer/performers I’ve worked with and admire, so the night will be a good one.

I look forward to seeing you there.



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