Review of ‘Fugitive Six’


I was looking forward to a bit of good fun YA escapism, and this starts well-enough in Bangkok with an androgynous young female Thai bodyguard in hock to the mob after using her Legacy (don’t call it a superpower!) to cheat at boxing. Unfortunately, we then transfer to the US and a tiresome school for the gifted and a threadbare re-run of the X-Men but with none of the layered, imaginative wit of the movies.

There are loads of chapters void of any drama whatsoever in which young people ‘bond’ in various clichéd ways before splitting up to ensure enough pages are filled before a showdown in Switzerland. There’s an English character who sounds on the page like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, even though underneath it all he’s posh and misunderstood, and that’s about as deep as it gets.

The book manages a bit of SF cleverness towards the end when a character who can clone himself uses his Legacy to thwart a mind-controller, but overall this reads like a knock-off comic written by a committee using the stupid pen name of a guy who pretended to be a junkie to get his memoir published.

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