The Conclusion of the Book of the New Sun

Book of the New Sun is my favourite fantasy book – some good insights in this blog post by the Little Red Reviewer.

the Little Red Reviewer

So, I finally finished The Citadel of the Autarch, the 4th book in Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun.    The days after I finished felt like going through tangential stages of grief.  First, I was mad “that’s how it ends!? I’ve got to read the entire damn thing all over again from start to finish now!”.  Then I was confused, by a whole tone of WTFery at the end, then I was curious and got some helpful spoilers online.  Then I experienced acceptance that Gene Wolfe is, as always, a brilliant mastermind of storytelling. Even better – these aren’t the stages of grief, but the stages of awakening.

As I’ve done in previous entries in this little series of blog posts,  we’ll start with new words

Bacele     Graisle        Orphicheide        Orpiment

I didn’t take much notes while reading this fourth book, but I’m laughing…

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