Jeff Noon: Ghost of the Machine

  Jeff Noon Interview by Gerard Earley at BSFA 27 January 2016 In the early 1990s, aspiring playwright Jeff Noon was working in the SF section of Waterstones in Manchester when he came across a non-fiction book detailing the technical aspects of virtual reality, a concept that had been explored with dazzling panache by William […]

How parenting affects creativity

Excerpt from a story I wrote when I was fifteen: Space Captain Wallace Andrews checked the data from his damaged starship as it drifted next to the asteroid belt. He had thirty minutes of air left. He chuckled to himself. He had single-handedly thwarted the invasion mounted by the alien Pril, not that anyone on […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 7

The recording of ‘Wonderworld’ from journal entry Studio 6, BBC Maida Vale studios 14.00 to 18.30 8 February 2007. It was the Very Snowy Day that people had been treating like the approaching apocalypse all week. I put on my trainers instead of my boots, which later transpired to be a mistake and then had […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 6

I wrote other spec scripts and sent those off to production companies and the BBC but no one was interested. I thought about evolving a novel out of one of them, a non-science fiction story set in a boys’ school, but the story was incredibly dark and I had become wary about wasting yet more […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 5

Adapting ‘As Good As It Gets’ and hearing Charity’s unceasing voice in my head gave me the idea of writing ‘Diamond Roads’ as a novel so, over six months, I did. It was hugely exciting. Every day I would look forward to finding out what each character did. The evolution of the story came to […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 2

Shortly after my last gig as Robert Blair, WH Smiths ran a science-fiction short story competition to win a bit of computer kit. I can’t remember what the kit was and I certainly didn’t want it but I did want to win the competition. I have been writing since the age of 14. I date […]