Guest blog post with Cassandra Khaw

I met Cassandra Khaw at one of Unsung Stories’ splendid spoken word nights, where she was one of the writers reading their short works aloud. I was struck by the beauty of the language in the story, its unique imagery an the romanticism of its fantastical central relationship. She read this story just before the […]

Unsung Live 4: 16.08.16

Like Led Zeppelin albums, Unsung Stories’ spoken word evenings are individually numbered, adding to the unique sense of each. Tonight’s intersection of fact and fantasy was the observation by regular MC George Sandison that today was Diana Wynne Jones’s birthday. Jones, who was at Oxford when CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were lecturing there, is […]

How parenting affects creativity

Excerpt from a story I wrote when I was fifteen: Space Captain Wallace Andrews checked the data from his damaged starship as it drifted next to the asteroid belt. He had thirty minutes of air left. He chuckled to himself. He had single-handedly thwarted the invasion mounted by the alien Pril, not that anyone on […]

Diamond Roads Origins Part 3

THE PSYCHOMETRIC MAN Robert Blair ate lunch and watched the interview on a large screen. The interview, which was taking place in the next room, had reached one of its preordained crisis points. “But will I get the pay rise?” The young woman, whose name for today was Sally, leaned forward. Her expression of barely […]