Life in Sci-Fi

FantastiCon – a personal journey

Five minutes in and I’ve already copped off with a Dalek.


Doing space – badly:


I remember I’m scared of the TARDIS and think about phoning Mummy. Fearing mockery I do nothing. Stasis.


With Nigel Farage


The Millennium Falcon’s first pilot was this lady:


Caesar makes a good point


Once again I manage to annoy the wrong people


The truth is out there, honest.


The Crow is taller than I expected, and also quite frightening


I try to impress Wednesday with my glowing table and she pulls a crossbow on me!


Where’s me.. scabbard…? [This was quite late]


On the mean streets of Hull:


These streets are not quite so mean, thanks to Humber Security Services


Home depot of the Evil Empire


To yonder citadel!


The sword is passed on, to continue the fight against the sock dryer